Shielding us from the Covidiots of the world

The pandemic situations have surely made everyone aware of the importance of Doctors, or wait, maybe a lot of people are still not aware. At least their actions do not point out so.

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Being a doctor is a tough profession. Don’t believe me ? Lets talk to a vehicle mechanic and ask if vehicle can be repaired without shutting off the engine, or a plumber who has to fit a new connection.

Everyone wants the thing to stop working before they can do anything. And for that matter most things around us need to be stopped to repair them. But what about us ? We do not have a shutdown button and yet need to be looked after by an expert. An expert who works on a running system to make it better does deserve a salute.

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Doctors are the best guides we have who work based on the symptoms they observe and the ones we mention, making it important to mention everything to them. Remember, a doctor Can never help you until you are actually willing to – don’t follow and you are loss. They can impart guidance, knowledge but how much can be soaked in and used is just up to us.

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People who are having a weak immunity and doctors who work in hotspots with too much viral load are at risk of COVID-19 infection. Somehow as the second wave tries to subdue, more and more people jump out to celebrate, to visit places.
Seriously??? How can we become so insensitive ?? Treks, trips and shopping sprees can wait, just focus on what is necessary and if someone feels a visit to the tourist spot or participating in social gatherings is a necessity, maybe think again.
I know most of this will fall into deaf years as people still find time to break into hospitals or hurl a chair at a doctor. Yet they still stand firm as a rock, a sign of the dedication that the profession has instilled in everyone of them !!

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They are known to save life in emergencies, may it be by medicine or by surgery. Sushruta was the first surgeon back in 800 BC and a lot has changed, but what has not changed is the stability of their hands as they operate.

Today as many news still make a voice for non-merit reservations, none of the readers will ever opt for a non-merit based doctor. True right ! That is the worth of the profession !!

They form an army that needs to be well nurtured to tackle any health war. Who knows, there might be a biowar upcoming or may be we are living a biowar, fought by our doctors and healthcare system and fueled by covidiots present in the society who glorify petty reasons for their own comfort.

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Even for those people with illnesses that cannot be cured, they still help reduce the discomfort or attempt to extend the lifespan. The amount of observations they have over the years, they can act as drivers to innovation. But ohh… Innovation does require some peace. One cannot wear a badge of being burned out and yet hope for the best innovations.

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We should take enough care to ensure the doctors are not too much pressurized by the situations. Being burnout is not a good thing for the profession and should be avoided. At this moment, they are overburdened, by covid cases along with aggravated non covid cases which worsened due to the lockdowns or the fear of covid. Let us just reduce the burden our doctors face by being thoughtful when we interact with them.

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Its time to revisit our definitions of freedom out there. It is no freedom if you go out and kill someone and stress out a few others. I mean not literally. But some of our actions can endanger someone or at least add to the stress of the healthcare system. One person’s definition of freedom should not make someone lose their near one. And doctors are giving their best shot to ensure they reduce the death count, one at a time. And If you can resonate with this, maybe its time you make some good space for the Doctors in your heart. A bad handwriting might just be hiding your savior. Don’t judge a book by its cover !!

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