Did we just kill someone – A tribute to COVID-19 Spreaders

First of all let me be clear. This particular article is quite direct in pointing out the mistakes people make, knowingly or unknowingly to worsen the pandemic situation. The intention is not to hurt anyone’s sentiments rather put the point clearly about what is going wrong. 

So beware of Sarcasm 🙃 !!

With the start of the infamous COVID-19 pandemic, we started to know about some new terms. A new way of life had to be adopted to fight this situation. World experienced a lot of lockdown, quarantine and deaths.

Death with COVID-19 is a painful thing. The person who is severely infected with this virus has a lot of difficulty in breathing. Some may even get infected with pneumonia or face kidney failure.

And with none of his/her near ones around to bring a smile on, the fight gets tougher. That is the primary reason I believe why we should unite to ensure that we prevent the virus from spreading !

Here are 20 things where I believe where we need to notice about some activities happening around ourselves; think through and show our sensitivity towards other people living around us.

  1. Wearing masks incorrectly. The virus spreads majorly through breathing. It does not help to have your nose open while the mask just covers your mouth. Your nose 👃 is not an object of national beauty (at least not in these testing times)
  2. Pulling down your mask to speak on phone or speak to someone. A pulled down mask won’t make a clear voice call unless your network supports. 📱
  3. A special category that does get-togethers at public places and has the most important event of “We met after a year selfie”. Hope you wish to have everyone in the selfie year after year.
  4. Spitting at public places because that is their symbol of status and coolness (and they ain’t have the guts to drink it up) 😡
  5. Having panipuri at a public place because it cannot be made that perfect at home (finger dipped flavors you know) and a person can’t wait. 😋
  6. My friend will feel bad if I don’t attend the wedding ceremony. Or I have to make some cool IG reels. 🎬
  7. I feel so locked up at home. I need to go out and chill. 🕺
  8. Doesn’t feel like a workout without going to a gym 🏋🚴💪. I anyways have a good immunity. Who cares if I spread it to someone.
  9. Because birthday party is more important than staying safe and wishing the next year 🥳🥳
  10. Celebrating festivals is important but at what cost. Festivals are a way of social bonding but not following pandemic safety norms can make things worse. 😐
  11. Thinking that I am young and healthy and nothing can go wrong. Yes! You are young and healthy, but not everyone around you is. You can spread the virus to someone who is weak and you don’t want to lose. 🤒
  12. People who assume that reports are fake. Truth is that lot of people are asymptomatic (do not show symptoms). This does not mean that the person is not spreading the virus. You can be bare minimum sensitive to stay quarantined for a few days if the report declares you as positive. 🏠
  13. Mask up only when you see cops around. Masks are for safety just as seatbelt and helmets. Use them to escape death and not to escape penalty.😷
  14. Reason with “I feel suffocated” when asked about not wearing or lowering the mask. Remember, the virus can cause some serious suffocation to you or someone around you.🤕
  15. Casual get togethers to sit and chit chat because bonding is important. Yes, it important to have people connect but make sure all social distancing and safety masks are followed. The people whom we connect with are an important part of the family 👪 and hence it is important to keep each other safe as everyone ventures outside for some need or the other.
  16. Not everything fits in. If I wear a helmet, I might loose hair. Plus I can’t listen to my in ear music. Now this mask is an additional headache. Ohh God!!
  17. My ears get folded by the mask. Will I become the next monkey face in my family 🐒
  18. I am vaccinated, now I am a free bird🐦 . This is wrong !! You still need to follow all safety norms even if you get vaccinated. So take care.
  19. Too much sanitizer can spoil my skin. Not sure about the truth behind this, but the situation demands a safer you than softer hands. 🙌🏻
  20. Lockdowns are a curb on our freedom. Yes, we might get this feeling, and they do have socio-economic impacts. But it is always better to be safe than sorry 😃

It’s just the right time to practice some patience in life. Else, it might cost a lot to anyone, just as the person as well.

Let’s learn from history. Being impatient had costed us in a similar pandemic way back in 1920. A year after the initial wave, people started celebrations and get togethers, only to bring a bigger and stronger wave.

To conclude, lets live and let live !! We have many events to celebrate but only one life. Together we can make sure history doesnt repeat and we dont have to miss someone at the next celebration.

If you get into the shoes of those who lost their near ones to the pandemic, I believe you won’t agree more.

Stay safe and stay strong !!


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