Shielding us from the Covidiots of the world

The pandemic situations have surely made everyone aware of the importance of Doctors, or wait, maybe a lot of people are still not aware. At least their actions do not point out so. Busy day ?? You can hear me at any of the following locations Being a doctor is a tough profession. Don't believe... Continue Reading →

A simple lesson from Ramayana that is important in the COVID-19 pandemic

Today, on the occasion of Shri Ram Navami, a thought just clicked my mind. There is a beautiful piece of advice that we should take from the Ramayana. Obviously with the disclaimer that there is no intent to hurt anyone's religious sentiment. Rather it is an attempt to get something from our scriptures to be... Continue Reading →

6 reasons why I resumed blogging

Blogging has become a new trend in recent years. Many people have joined the crowd and started taking interest in creating a digital footprint for themselves. Being a part of this very crowd, I would like to keep it short and jot down the main points due to which I have started blogging, rather resumed my... Continue Reading →

Did we just kill someone – A tribute to COVID-19 Spreaders

First of all let me be clear. This particular article is quite direct in pointing out the mistakes people make, knowingly or unknowingly to worsen the pandemic situation. The intention is not to hurt anyone's sentiments rather put the point clearly about what is going wrong.  So beware of Sarcasm 🙃 !! With the start... Continue Reading →

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