World Bicycle Day : Lets add two wheels of Health

Today, the 3rd of June is celebrated as World Bicycle Day. So lets take a quick look at some interesting facts around this day and about cycling in general !

When did this start ?

As per Wikipedia, celebrating the Bicycle Day started as recently as the year 2018. The celebration marks the existence of a vehicle which has been serving humans over centuries and yet being an environment and health friendly option for short distance travels.

How can Cycling help ?

Improves muscular strength: While one cannot vouch for big legs via cycling alone, you can surely build a lot of leg muscle by cycling. The efforts required for cycling on a natural terrain, the balancing, speed and incline variations can surely help build your leg muscles over time.

Endurance: Spending 30 mins or more on your bicycle can help build endurance. The repeated movement of legs is the main factor that helps contribute to the endurance instead of just sitting and let inertia drive some part of your trip.

Enjoying great visuals: A bicycle ride early in the morning or during sunset time could mean having great visuals that add to your memory bank.

Can help reduce stress: As a form of exercise, a source of fresh air and great visuals, cycling can act as a stress buster for someone who loves to ride.

Avoid traffic for short distance travels: With most cities getting more and more clogged with traffic (even in pandemic), a cycle could be a great option to move around for short distance visits. What’s more ? You don’t even spend on fuel !

Mostly easier on wallet: Bicycles are mostly easy on the wallet until you lose or damage some parts of it off course.

What care should I take ?

Road hazards: Dangerous drivers are present everywhere and that could harm you on your ride. Wear helmet and other protective gear, avoid roads where people normally drive fast. Locations with cycle lanes should be the best option.

Anti-social elements: Some people take pride in vandalizing other’s possessions. These people can damage your bicycle and so can thieves if you do not secure your vehicle well.

Too much can become uncomfortable: Too much cycling at a stretch can become uncomfortable. Try to keep moving on your seat, ensure the seat of your vehicle is of your choice and gives you enough comfort. Wide seats should probably be the best for most people.

Know your health: Talk to your physician if you have some issues like heart disease, arthritis, or bone thinning issues. Falling off or too much exertion could be risky in such cases.

Stay hydrated: Staying hydrated before, during and after any exercise is the best way to keep your health on track.

Do check the following video by Global Cycling Network for some incredible Cycling records !!

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