6 reasons why Yoga is not everyone’s cup of tea

There are a multitude of articles available online that highlight different facts about yoga and bust myths. So looking at all those, I decided to compile my list of why yoga is not everyone’s cup of tea !

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  1. The Social Media Image

Physical asanas form a small part of the entire Yoga practice but are the ones that get published the most. For most people, it might be intimidating to see someone balance themselves upside down or flexing to seeming impossible poses.

Sounds tough straight away right ? While this social media image of Yoga inspires some people, many would prefer a cup of green tea. Yoga is not just the poses, there is a lot more to it !!

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2. On the hunt for 6 packs

The social media again has worked wonders in the widespread ambition for six pack abs. While it is not a bad idea to work for six packs, Yoga might not be the go to path for those inspired with a six pack ambition.

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3. An unstable mind

Yoga demands the concentration of the mind. It is a process that joins our mind and body together. We are quite accustomed to rhythm and beats of music while working out. While this acts as a fuel for a good workout, it should not be a preferred way of practicing yoga.

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4. Discipline acts as roadblock

Discipline and patience is very important in practices such as Yoga. Talking, listening to music or getting distracted can harm the balance and cause trouble. Always make sure a learned person is teaching you yoga. I personally believe it requires years of penance and a trained person is a must have.

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5. Books don’t make a Yoga expert

Any store, physical or online has many books that promise making you a Yoga expert in a short span of time. But would you get yourself treated from a doctor who has just read books. I don’t think anyone will answer with a yes !!


6. Not a 21 day skill

Yoga needs a lot of patience to start with. Plus the benefits might not be seen quickly. Non aesthetic benefits such as an increased ability of balance, coordination and flexibility along with mindfulness might not be on everyone’s wish list.

While yoga is generally considered safe, people with existing issues should talk to their physician before they start. Let me know your thoughts too !

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