Downsides and Alternatives of Sugary drinks

My previous blog article was about why Sugary drinks mean a lot of sugar consumption and you can read it here. In this article, let me walk you through some downsides and alternatives to sugary drinks ! Are you ready ??


Health Downsides

This takes me to the next part of why sugar is not such a good alternative. A large plethora of diseases get an invitation card. The first one being the mental addiction to sugar and the unrest someone feels if sweet is not on the plate.

This is a small issue but for sure can disturb a person’s ability to be productive on the task at hand. Too much sugar consumption can make a person feel drowsy, again tending to keep the productivity at stake and worse it may even risk an injury if operating some machinery.

Easiest downside of sugar consumption is adding extra kilos to your weight. This makes a person feel uncomfortable by not feeling light enough for each of the tasks he or she does. Belly fat is easy to grow with the help of sugars and that is a matter of concern as far as the health status is concerned. Too much of belly fat increases the risk of heart diseases.

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A person can be still happy with a grown belly but not with an unhealthy heart. A grown belly can also kick in diabetes. Something that has too many effects on the body and can never be cured, just managed. Diabetes leads to low immune response, low healing rates and sometimes even a confused mind when there is too much sugar in the blood. While many people get it hereditarily and that can not be avoided, but our habits can surely prevent the non-hereditary one.

What’s more, too much of sugar consumption and it starts getting converted to a type of fat that gets stored in the liver. Too much of this can make it into a non-alcoholic fatty liver, something that has the potential to damage the liver.

Also, some studies have found the link of excess sugar consumption with pancreatic cancer. That is the risk involved ! That is what sugar can cost someone. So next time when you add the spoon of sugar to your dish, just ask if it is truly necessary or it is just a mind game !

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Unhealthy options in market

To avoid the sugars and all their side effects and yet relish the same taste, people have also turned to artificial sweeteners. But again the question that arises is are those safe enough in the long run. Remember, those are chemically manufactured substances which do not have any nutritional value and getting those absorbed in the system might be an additional cause of worry. And yet again, this side of the coin is never presented to us. A zero calories drink is not a healthy drink. It is just devoid of calories. It might be just difficult to cleanse our system if too much of such artificial sweeteners have entered.

Next time you feel a zero calorie drink is good enough to reduce weight, make sure you talk to a professional nutritionist or a doctor and get your doubts cleared. A glass of fruit juice with no added sugar will surely be a healthier option than a zero calories aerated drink.

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Healthier alternatives to quench thirst better

What’s more important is to look for options that are safer, healthier and yet have a feel good factor. Reduce your consumption of sugar and artificial sweeteners. We have so many options to drink that we just need to explore into. In the beginning we may not like the flavor that much, but it is just a matter of time and habits change. If possible, go for Natural and home made fruit juice is a better option than packaged juice.

Coconut water can be more fulfilling and healthy than aerated drink. Infused waters are also a healthy option and so is a glass of smoothie with no added sugar.

Variety is the spice of life. Try exploring ways to sweeten your drink than just sugar or artificial sweeteners and that could be the difference between a good and bad health !

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