Why liquid Sugar is too much Sugar ?

Amazing feeling from the Sweet drinks

Summer days can be very interesting. The sun above us keeps scorching us but we have an awesome list of drinks to quench the thirst and feel better.


Some people hang out with a cool lemonade while someone sticks to refrigerated water. We keep looking for options to quench our thirst and feel better, but how many options actually make us feel good is the question. Or do we compromise our well being just for the sake of temporary satisfaction or in worst case sugar addiction ? Are the drinks we have actually helping our well being or are just making us a slave to them ?

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The sweet addiction

I am not talking about addictions as worse as that of alcohol, but yes, an addiction is an addiction. It has the power to upset a person’s mental health. Many people would be able to resonate this when it comes to a cup of tea that feels so so necessary at certain times of the day.


Or a glass of sugary soda with a meal. Part of this being caffeine addiction and part of it is the sugar addiction. Something which largely prevails around us is harmful and yes if not much talked about. Thanks to the marketing strategies of the organizations which manufacture such products. Imagine the drink not kicking in an addiction or an urge of one more glass. The companies would be so broke. It is like playing with consumers mental and physical well being to earn margins.


I know most people are happy to consume such products but that does not mean they are not addicted to them. Tea, coffee, chocolate shakes, sugary sodas, fruit juices with added sugars are just a handful of examples and the list goes on.

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How much sugar does it have

Now it might not be very intimidating by just reading the numbers of added sugar on a drink. So let me try to put it in another way. A standard teaspoon is about 4 grams and most sugary drinks would have at least 10 to 12 grams of sugar per 100 ml of the drink. That means about 3 teaspoons of sugar per 100 ml of the drink. Usually a person would consume about 300 ml of the drink in a go and the more habituated people would reach to a probable second glass at least.


This means a consuming 9 teaspoons of sugar in one glass and 18 by the second glass and the rest is just a table of 9. Would you put so much sugar in your glass of drink if you had to do it yourself ? Just imagine yourself standing at a table and putting as much as 9 teaspoons of sugar into just one glass of your drink. By just the number, the second glass would become a difficult thing to gulp. But labels make it look small by defining at a smaller number of 100 ml. And that is the trick which makes us think its okay to consume so much of sweet poison.

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Easier to consume a lot of sugar


When we drink anything sugary, it is easier to consume the sugar and yes it is a way faster means of consuming the sugar that eating anything sugary. What’s more is that we do not feel full and so the craving to get another glass does not go away easily. Sugar addiction is something that affects our brain in such a way that the pleasure of the act makes us repeat the act. Of we eat something sweet, it does make us feel full as well.


Thus reducing the chance of the just another glass of sugar drink. That does not happen easily with sugary drinks. On top of that, many sugary drinks are just sugar, caffeine and carbonated water. The nutrients are just absent. Just a source of pleasure that acts as a sweet poison. A source that has the fizz to please the tongue, the sugar and caffeine to make the brain happy and yes addicted so that you buy your next bottle. The body is at a loss on the long run with such drinks, even if it gives you a momentarily joy !!

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