World No Tobacco Day: How Tobacco Hurts more than you think

We live in a world of infinite possibilities, a world where we have exposure to multiple avenues and that invites more fads than ever before.

And most of these are plainly due to a fear of missing out popularly known as FOMO.

We tend to get so entangled in our social image to that we forget to weigh the risks correctly. And this puts a person into a lifetime addiction that probably hurts more than the social image would have hurt.

  • What will my colleagues think of me if I do not drink to be social ?
  • Will I miss out some party invite if I am not cool enough ?
  • My friends ask me to smoke or drink to give them company.

All these fall under a large basket of social stigma that we carry with us everywhere we go. Remember, nothing is more heartbreaking than a bad health that worries you !

Tobacco hurts in more ways than one:

  • It harms your health
    • Tobacco consumption is one of the major causes of Cancer, a deadly and life-claiming disease worldwide
    • Smoking can also lead to heart diseases, which is not that cool either.
  • You could endanger the lives of your near ones who become passive smokers, all thanks to you !!
  • Tobacco consumption can also hurt your pocket.

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With the rise of pandemic, we were pushed into a mental state of pressure and anxiety and a feeling of being nowhere. This is the exact moment which triggers the addictive thoughts for many people. While being on a priority list of being cool for many people, following are some ways in which it could hurt you

  • Increased risk of stroke, which mean you might no longer eat on your own unless you recover.
  • A large variety of cancers to choose from and treatments for which hurt as well may leave permanent marks.
  • Smoking does affect your skin too and you might actually look less cool.

And all this begins with just one step towards tobacco, followed by one more and one more. A moment of impatience is what starts the downwards journey of addiction !!

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Here are some ways in which I believe, we can stay away from this deadly prison of tobacco.

  • Nurture a hobby: It is easy to get stressed just by the thought of what is happening around us. Choosing an old forgotten hobby or learning something new might just help reduce the stress and thus the chances of turning to addictions to manage stress.

  • Do some exercise: Pandemic has so strongly highlighted the importance of good immunity along with distancing from people as well as addictions. Simple exercises at home can go a long way to strengthen immunity as well as reduce stress levels. Which means a de-stressed and a stronger you !!

  • Meditation and Yoga: Meditation and Yoga can help in reducing your stress levels so that you do not turn to addictions. At the same time, they also help increase the capacity of your lungs and heart.

  • Say no to ‘Lets try it’ trend: Most addictions start with ‘lets try how it feels’. Its high time we say no to this attitude. Would you ever try a poison just for the sake of testing how it feels. Addictions are slow poisons that kill bit by bit.

  • Get your near ones to support you: For those who are already into the trap, it is a difficult journey to pull themselves out and the best way to get out of the trap is to get support from your near ones. Your family and friends can help motivate you to get out from the trap.

  • Gamify your de-addiction journey: Still find it difficult? Maybe try incentivizing the de-addiction journey. A chocolate treat for a week without tobacco most probably wont hurt !!

Its okay to be left out from a trend if it will keep you healthy and happy in the long run. So leave aside the FOMO now !!

All you need is to keep your mind stable and busy to stay away from addictions. For some people, bringing smile to someone’s face might help reduce their stress levels and avoid the addiction trap.

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On this World No Tobacco Day, I wish no one gets into the tobacco prison just to reduce the stress of a heart-break.

Do watch this short video by United Nations, that shows how Tobacco could actually break your heart !!

United Nations explains how Tobacco could actually ‘Break’ your heart

Debut Book Launched !!

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