A Mother’s Day promise to Mother Nature

The COVID-19 crisis has taken us through a lot of suffering as a community. Every day we hear saddening news of deaths arising from lack of oxygen supply or oxygenated beds. 😪

Now believe me or not this is not a surprise event, we all saw it coming, but never moved for the preparations😏. I am not here to write more about what I think went wrong but it does bring us to an important topic.

India’s Oxygen Crisis 😷!!!

And this reminds me of the most beautiful creation of nature… Trees 🌴!! 

Yeah yeah .. Many people would be like – “Wait, are WE not the best? We can think, feel and do a lot of things !!” 

But to be frank I don’t believe humans are the most beautiful creation with all the vices we have. Maybe mother nature was not in a good mood when she planned our existence😐. We have almost grown as a big load to the environment and become Mother Nature’s spoiled brat 😈!! 

Getting back to what Trees contribute and why we should be caring about them😌. Let me put some quick facts in (you can get them verified on google if you don’t believe them). 

  1. Oxygenated Air: A mature tree gives about 260 pounds of oxygen in a year. That is something I believe enough for two people😃. This is the most critical reason to have more trees around.
    You cannot have a piped gas connection that gives you Oxygen at home🤭. 
  2. Cleaner Air: I don’t want to be a school textbook that says trees give clean air😅. We all know that. The point here is that maybe we need the air cleaner🙄. Ecommerce portals have already started selling home air purifiers and in my opinion that is something that should sound an alarm to everyone who is not selling those😰.
    Let’s not wait for times when we walk with oxygen cylinders on our back. Some people might just feel it is cool to have one like a superhero attire… Until the cylinder gets over 😅.
  3. Nature’s Air Conditioning Unit: Trees reduce the Carbon dioxide from the air. Wait !! Am I being more technical 🤔? In simple words, just imagine being in a place without trees, maybe a hot arid desert and compare it with some garden with enough trees. Obviously there is a natural air conditioning that trees offer and that too for free😃.
  4. Healing Therapy: Looking at trees or greenery is a good thing. Just looking at trees around you can help you feel better, reduce stress and get your mood back🥳. Imagine more people healing and less stressed because of having trees around them🌲🌳.
  5. Shade: Trees give you a lot of shade (obviously if allowed to grow). Humans are grateful enough not to let anyone else grow that easily 😏. Try sleeping under a nice big tree during the day and you might feel more fresh than a nap at home Thanks to the oxygen and shade👐🏻. Disclaimer, trees are not so good at night and give out carbon dioxide. So it might be a good idea not to be around them at night😅.
  6. Biodiversity: Having trees around you might invite a variety of birds 🕊🦜 and small creatures like squirrels🐿. Though it can be a disgusting sight to have a bat family 🦇 hanging around there but it outweighs the benefits from trees.
  7. Natural Guardians: Trees act as barriers to sound and can help reduce sound pollution to some extent. Trees at the edge of farms act as wind barriers and avoid crops to be damaged by wind. And yes they save from tsunamis too. God damn !! Too much work for one living thing 😃.
  8. Distressed when troubled: Recent studies have shown that trees can give distress signals when troubled or cut. Some trees have been reported to scream too😱. Yes !! Obviously we never heard it because our ears do not pick those frequencies😯. 

We have been using almost each part of the tree while it is alive and even after it withers. Right from Oxygen, to fruits, barks, leaves and roots while it is alive🙂. To the wood after it dies or is killed for some human NEED (rather a WANT in most cases)😓.

Recently, I read somewhere on social media about a doctor who writes unique prescriptions for COVID-19 patients👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️. Below the medicine list is an advice that roughly translates to – “Once you are recovered, please try to plant a tree and take care of it so that it grows one day”. Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of the doctor to thank him/her for the message🙏🏻. But believe me that is the best thing you can do in your life. 

Plant a tree and give back something to Mother Nature !! 

Image by Comfreak from Pixabay

As we are building more and more large scale oxygen concentrators to aid the oxygen needs of the population. This would probably mean having a responsibility to add to our green layer🌳🌲. Let’s not wait for someone to spoon feed our necessities. 

We can’t depend on this becoming a national priority unless everyones gonna talk about it. And by everyone, I mean everyone. Not just the people on Twitter and FB. Give it a thought, adopt a tree and probably we can think of a better future !! 🙂

Today as India fights the Oxygen crisis, let’s take this occasion of the upcoming Mothers Day and pledge to save the environment and give back something out of the lot we owe to our Mother Nature !!!



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