6 reasons why I resumed blogging

Blogging has become a new trend in recent years. Many people have joined the crowd and started taking interest in creating a digital footprint for themselves. Being a part of this very crowd, I would like to keep it short and jot down the main points due to which I have started blogging, rather resumed my old interest of blogging. 

  1. Initial interest few years back: I was always a techie and loved to read and write about technology. Working as a software developer did give me some opportunities but that was not enough. I did write a few pages back in 2017 and booked this domain (nageshnaik.com), but was not able to keep up with the hobby.
  2. Getting time to retrospect and observe: “Every dark cloud has its own silver lining !!” I hit the rock bottom of my life in October/November 2020, when destiny tested me with a lost job, Cancer diagnosis, a broken engagement and the mental and physical agony that followed. As I had only few things at my hand, my mom and few people who believed in me; it was time to retrospect on what went wrong and write down as well. You cannot just look at the ceilings during 5-6 months of treatment !!
  3. Way of expressing my thoughts and leaving a legacy: I felt blogging is a good way to express your thoughts and also leave a legacy so that your thoughts stay on the internet and are read by someone or the other. 
  4. Might help someone reduce the ill impact of an adverse event: I must agree I could not find the accurate guidance to help my Cancer get diagnosed earlier. Not having guidance in any topic can lead to bad results. This has really inspired me to write down my experiences. Who knows someone might be looking for a similar guidance !! 
  5. Might turn out to be a source of inspiration for someone: Fights with destiny are a true test of your mettle. Someone might be just lacking a slight push of motivation to help cross the line. I wish to try and give that push to people who need it. 
  6. Tell my story without me having to go through it: All of a sudden someone does message me asking about how I am doing. Now its easier to explain some things in writing and I do not have to write it all over again. Hahaha !!

As I wrap up this small post, do stay tuned for upcoming posts around some life experiences and personal opinions. Do subscribe to keep in touch !!


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  1. You are the strongest Nagesh. May the Almighty give you strength and hope to do good deeds and keep inspiring…


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