Do you ever feel that the technology and data domain have grown quite huge ?

Now that’s how exactly almost everyone feels as we start getting into more and technology. It sometimes becomes so overwhelming that we tend to get lost or rather drowned into it.

This is why I started to write my own blog. A simple thought, simplifying what looks to be quite a task to a better format.

  • Because it gives the new learners a context. About why does a certain thing work in a certain way ?
  • Because when we are clear with the basics we tend to grow into a better professional.

Simply put, the stronger the foundation, the higher the rise.

This blog is basically a public version of what I would call my tech notes. The main focus would be on keeping a repository around the things which I learn on my tech journey and someone else might also find it worth a dig.

Topics would primarily cover the software domain that focuses on the BigData stack and the real world problems that come up.

About me, my name is Nagesh Naik. A Software Engineer by profession and a blog enthusiast. I have around 5yrs of experience working in the software industry in a variety of tech stack. Hope you like my blog. Do subscribe to keep yourself updated on the newer blog posts … !


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