Install Java JDK On Ubuntu

Welcome Guys, to my first blog-post. The aim of my blog to help viewers learn some awesome stuff !!

The video above is a typical how-to video which explains how to install Java JDK on a Linux machine. Someone might ask why ? If i could install the JDK on my regular Windows machine, why should I go ahead and have a look at the video.

Well , I have the answer. The boom of IT industry , the new revolution in Data science – Big Data.
Hadoop is an important part of the Big Data ecosystem and let me tell you two most important things about Hadoop.

1. Its framework has originated from the OpenSource OS. This means that to install the Hadoop framework onto your machine, you would be needing an OpenSource OS . For example the Ubuntu.

2. The Hadoop jobs such as the MapReduce jobs are Java based and as such you would need a Java JDK installed right onto the Ubuntu machine.

So , go ahead guys. Watch the video and please mention your queries in the comment section of the video. Do subscribe to my channel too … !


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