Lazy Day 2021 – Part 1 – Did you take a leave today ? Bad corporate culture won’t promote this !

I bet this topic is something which is of immense interest for most people working in the corporates. An issue which probably occupies a lot of time and consumes a lot of energy. Something which probably has a separate WhatsApp group for, obviously with the entire team but without the leads. All this because the... Continue Reading →

World Lung Cancer Day 2021 : I am and I will – A note straight from the Heart

Reading might sound boring sometimes, but I bet you wont be disappointed by listening to my podcast. Same topic also available on my podcast "Health Beyond the Aesthetics". Check out the links below. 1st of August, 2021, the occasion of World Lung Cancer Day. On this occasion, this is a note that comes straight from... Continue Reading →

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