What is HDFS ?

HDFS stands for Hadoop Distributed File System. It is the storage/file system which runs underneath Hadoop. It has evolved from Google's distributed file system which is known as GFS (Google File System).HDFS helps provide high performance access to data across the cluster. It helps to scale out the data storage by distributing the data on... Continue Reading →

Columnfamilies in HBase

Column-families are basically a group of columns which have the same attributes.They help define a set of shared features to the group of columns that are a part of the family. Naming convention for HBase column families is family:nameFor example, a column Science which belongs to column family Subject will be represented as subject:scienceColumn families... Continue Reading →

What is Database Sharding ?

When data scales up to a huge size, we start looking for ways to manage it effectively. One way to effectively manage scaling data is Sharding.  What exactly happens in Sharding ? Horizontal splitting of data across multiple tables is termed as Sharding. In simple words, if you have a list if items and you... Continue Reading →

Install Java JDK On Ubuntu

Welcome Guys, to my first blog-post. The aim of my blog to help viewers learn some awesome stuff !! The video above is a typical how-to video which explains how to install Java JDK on a Linux machine. Someone might ask why ? If i could install the JDK on my regular Windows machine, why... Continue Reading →

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